Ahhh Italy. Land of pizza, pasta, lingering sunsets and the Aperol spritz. Also, great hair if you look to the likes of Monica Bellucci and the Missoni clan. It could be down to some fortuitous Roman roots (sorry), or it could be down to the fact that they approach haircare as they do the much lauded Mediterranean diet; with grace, authenticity and a healthy respect for natural resources. This is certainly the case if you consider homegrown Italian brand Davines, which produces quirky, beautiful and eco-conscious products quite unlike any that land on our desks on the regular. Like the sound of cobalt blue conditioner, a styling range that acts as your personal blow dry assistant or slow pressed olive oil shampoo that makes your ‘do’, quite frankly, delicious? Benvenuto to hair heaven.
In the family since 1983, Davines was conceived by the Bollatis, who originally established a research laboratory to tinker will all kinds of follicular innovation and concoct high-end haircare for the world’s best known brands. These days Davines does its own thing, and that’s the exciting part; these products look like no other lotions and potions on your shelves, and what’s inside is just as striking.
Each and every product is sustainable, in more ways than one. For starters (mmm antipasti), they go to great lengths not to compromise the natural environment; many products adhere to a Zero Impact® policy that offsets emissions generated by production. Secondly, products are designed to be ‘sustainable’ for the customer; they do what they say they will and ingredients are top notch. Also, the Davines team develop product concepts and ideas ‘sustainably’; these guys aren’t slaves to trends, go with their guts and craft products as ‘artisans’ do. This is possibly why the packaging of various ranges looks so cool, but isn’t particularly ‘matchy matchy’ or on brand. In fact, you have to do a bit of CSI style initial digging to work out what brand you’re actually using. Lastly, Davines aims to be a sustainable company to work for; those family feels apply whether you’re a founding Balloti or not.
So what’s in it for you? The menu is vast and varied, from new lilac bottled prep products designed to ‘support personal inspiration’ when styling, to primary hued shampoos to keep ‘out there’ and conventional colour going strong, the Davines dynasty have seemingly cracked a lot of hair care conundrums along the way. An all-natural volume boosting powder was sparked by an encounter with a lush locked carpenter (that’ll be the body building sawdust), while the addition of the likes of Italian caper blossom, homegrown almonds and remineralizing salts from Turin make me want to eat the entire ‘Essential Haircare’ range.